I thought I can use this code to convert a string:

str = "3,443"
str.replace(",", "")
int_num = int(str)

But it doesn't work and raises a ValueError. How can I convert this string?

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    do not name your variables with reserved words like str. that shadows the builtin str function. also, strings are immutable. modifying them will return a new string – jakub Mar 16 at 13:17
  • Please, don't use str as a variable name. You will replace the default python str class. In any case, str.replace, doesn't change the variable value. – Tiago Gomes Mar 16 at 13:17
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    str.replace is one way to do this but the right way to handle this would be to use locale.atoi api, which is provided to do this exact task. Check my answer for details. – Akshay Sehgal Mar 16 at 13:28

str.replace doesn't change the string in loco. You need to reassign it. Also, you shouldn't use str to name your variables.

string = "3,443"
string = string.replace(",", "")
int_num = int(string)

Using str.replace

You are not saving the variable after the str.replace. str.replace is not an in-place method and returns the string which has to be stored back to the variable.

More details here.

Also, try not to use str as a variable name as it can cause issues with calling str methods

s = "3,443"
s = s.replace(",", "")
int_num = int(s)

Using locale.atoi

The right way to do this however would be to use locale. More details here.

import locale
locale.setlocale(locale.LC_ALL, 'en_US.UTF-8')

s = "3,443"

str.replace(",", "") returns the replaced string and does not replace it in space. Strings are immutable. You should assign the result.


You aren't replacing the original string. Also, I suggest against using str as a variable name, since str() is a function for converting an object to a string.

str = "3,443"
str = str.replace(",", "")
int_num = int(str)

The function replace of strings returns a new string, leaving the original string untouched. So all you need to do is assign the result of replace back to str.


Strings are immutable

In Python, strings are immutable. From that rule one can guess that, all methods called on a string will leave the original string unchanged. So this snippet:

s = "3,443"
s.replace(",", "")

will NOT change the value of s.

Instead of this it will return a new string. You need to handle that new string, eg with an assignement, if you want to do further things with it:

s = "3,443"
t = s.replace(",", "")

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