I have positioned a form with a resizable textarea and a Leaflet map in adjacent Bootstrap 4 columns.

By default, the textarea is showing below the Leaflet map when resized horizontally, no matter what z-index it is assigned. Only when given an absolute position it shows above the map. (We have implemented this solution here https://demo.openatlas.eu/update/2936)

This unfortunately disturbs the element flow it would have with a relative position, ie when resized it covers the submit buttoms below.

Hence my question: Is there a way to position an element, specifically a resizable textarea safely on top of a leaflet map? Ideally this would keep the element flow whilst making sure it is above the adjacent map.

  • If you just want your description textarea to be shown over the map, then you set the containing table-row to z-index 1 and position relative (z-index only works on positioned elements), style the div that holds the textarea to text-align: left, remove the 8em height on the label and position it to absolute, top: 0, left 0. But that will cover up most of your input fields on a mobile device. Why not make the first column col-12 col-md-4 and the second column col-12 col-md-8 (or whatever works with the minimum widths)? – Rich DeBourke Mar 17 at 23:00

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