I'm trying to set up AR.js for multimarkers as seen in the picture: barcode markers on wall The idea is to play one video in the space between the markers.

However, I'm confused as to how this can be done. I've tried to set up the multimarker player and learner, but many of the .js files they refer to are no longer found at the AR.js github. And I don't know how to tell them to look for these particular markers.

Would you be kind enough to guide me?

Thank you so much!

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    Did you try doing stuff from this and this thread ? – Piotr Adam Milewski Mar 18 at 10:02
  • I've tried to piece it all together using what I can find online, including the threads you kindly linked to, but I think I'm missing something ... (I also realised I had accidentally used the outdated AR.js player and learner files, which explains the outdated .js references I mentioned above) 1. I now copied the entire AR.js-master files to my server 2. I accessed the player.html through my phone 3. The page opens up and the camera is working, but when I press the 'Stop' button, nothing happens What am I doing wrong so far? Thank you @PiotrAdamMilewski for your time and attention! – Tobin Mar 18 at 11:01
  • I'll try to re-create it with the newest ar.js version. The whole process is quite convoluded, maybe creating a legit tutorial would be a good idea :| – Piotr Adam Milewski Mar 18 at 13:44
  • @PiotrAdamMilewski That would be fantastic, thank you !! I look forward to checking out your re-creation :) – Tobin Mar 18 at 14:32
  • @PiotrAdamMilewski Also fyi in case it’s helpful - the barcodes I used are four of these: github.com/artoolkit/artoolkit5/blob/master/doc/patterns/… However I’m still clueless as to how they’re added as markers to be ”learned” :) – Tobin Mar 18 at 15:30

Try out this multimarker config generator.
If You fill the inputs with <type, value/path> pairs, for example:

enter image description here

You should be able to use the generated config for creating as a marker area.

The above config creates an area consisting of a "0" barcode and "hiro" marker - If the barcode or marker is covered, the model still stays visible ( drone by Willy Decarpentrie).

enter image description here


Setting up ar.js for multimarkers works the same for patterns and barcodes.

You need to

  1. Provide an array of {type, path/value} pairs to a THREEx.ArMultiMakersLearning object. This is done in the learner example.

  2. Grab the config string using the THREEx.ArMultiMakersLearnings .toJSON() function.

  3. Save the file at the ARjsMultiMarkerFile localStorage item.

  4. Set the marker type to area at your website.


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