Does JHipster support Micro-Frontend architecture. Currently Angular/React webapp is tied with Gateway. Can we separate/ decouple gateway from webapp. I want to have different micro-frontend (working micro projects) components that are PWA compatible and then combine to a large application. All separated from Gateway.


Not yet, there is currently some work in progress that you can follow here.

  • Will the Micro-frontend have the UI and Microservice tightly coupled together in Jhipster. If I have to replace the micro service with some external service on a different server. Will this be possible. – Shubjeet Mar 19 at 15:14
  • What do you mean by "an external service on a different server"? Another instance of same code running somewhere else or something else? Have you read the issue? You should ask your questions there. – Gaël Marziou Mar 19 at 17:29

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