I'm preparing a stackblitz for a problem that I have with child-parent communication, but along the way, I've been confronted with a different issue, namely, I'm getting the following error: No value accessor for form control with name: 'endDateFC'. This happens also for startDateFC.

I tried the following things from SO:

  1. I added ReactiveFormsModule and FormsModule
  2. I removed the duplicates of FormsModule. I have the import only in the app.modules.ts

According to: No value accessor for form control

  1. I didn't mix label and input. There is no name collision.
  2. I have all declarations, imports, etc.
  3. formControlName is located on the value accessor element

What is wrong with my code? Here's the stackblitz: https://stackblitz.com/edit/primeng-calendar-v-zdd3of?file=src/app/postpone-dialog/postpone-dialog.component.ts

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According to this thread and this one to understand, adding ngDefaultControl next to the formcontrol name solves your problem: stackblitz fixed


If you implemented ControlValueAccessor but still get the error "No value accessor for form control with name", then DON'T add ngDefaultControl but instead add the missing provider to your @Component(), like so:

providers: [
    provide: NG_VALUE_ACCESSOR,
    multi: true,
    useExisting: MyComponent,

One of the possible reasons: in your component you are using @Input formControl and it conflicts with formControl directive.

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