I’m using Realm database with iOS and SwiftUI. I added one new field to one of my Realm object schema, let’s call it Project. Now when I do realm.objects(Project.self) it complaints that I need to do a migration. So as per the iOS migration doc, I added a schemaVersion and migrationBlock to my realm init code as follows.

config.schemaVersion = 1 // Older version was 0
config.migrationBlock = { migration, oldSchemaVersion in
    logger.debug("Performing migration since old schema \(oldSchemaVersion) is behind current schema \(currentSchemaVersion) ...")
    if oldSchemaVersion < 1 {
        migration.enumerateObjects(ofType: Project.className()) { (old, new) in
            new!["isDeleted"] = false

I printed out config just before opening the Realm, and I can see that the config has a migration block field set.

schemaVersion = 1;
migrationBlock = <__NSMallocBlock__: 0x600001537ed0>;

I printed the Realm config again after I tried opening Realm as Realm.asyncOpen(configuration: config) and Realm(configuration: config), but the migration block is missing.

schemaVersion = 1;
migrationBlock = (null);

My migration block is not getting triggered and I suspect that I’m missing something! Thank you in advance for any help in the right direction.

Some solutions that I tried:

As per some Stack Overflow posts, I also tried using a bigger schema version (2, 5, 10 to be specific). Also, I initialize my main realm (which Project.self is a part of) when the SwiftUI.App is initialized.


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