I am making a discord bot and am now trying to optimise it. I dont want to have many "or"s in my if statement, and someone suggested I use regularexpressions. this is my attempt

if (message.content.toLowerCase().startsWith(/\**(this)/)) {
        message.channel.send('***... ground control to major Tom***');

I am trying to reply to messages that start with "this is", or the italic, bold or both versions.

I used to have:

if (message.content.toLowerCase().startsWith('this is') || message.content.toLowerCase().startsWith('*this is') || message.content.toLowerCase().startsWith('**this is') || message.content.toLowerCase().startsWith('***this is')) {
        message.channel.send('***... ground control to major Tom***');

Can I check if the message contains using the regularexpressions?

Thank you

  • "realexpression" Can you clarify if you're actually referring to a Regular Expression? – esqew Mar 23 at 4:11
  • Could you add the whole previous if condition? – Keshavram Kuduwa Mar 23 at 4:18
  • @esqew yes i did. thank you for point that out. – Tim Pustovit Mar 23 at 6:19
  • @KeshavramKuduwa, here you go. – Tim Pustovit Mar 23 at 6:20
const content = message.content;
const regex = /^this is|^\*{1,3}this is/gmi;

if (regex.test(content)) {
    // do something ...
  • Thank you very much! That worked. If that isnt too much could you please explain what the expression means, because as you saw the one i made from google asearches is very different. (like what parts do what) Thank you! – Tim Pustovit Mar 23 at 6:49
  • Sure but first I'd suggest take a look at the basic RegEx rules and if you did not figure out then you could ask me to explain and update the post – Mohammad Momeni Mar 23 at 7:01

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