In Java there's a useful class in the standard Swing libraries called 'JOptionPane' that provides a bunch of pre-made but customizable windows for displaying messages and getting (simple) user input.

I know there's 'MessageBox.Show(..)' to display Yes/No/Cancel type messages to the user in C#, but is there an equivalent class (or simple library) that provides easy-to-use customizable input boxes?

Something like the functionality available from JOptionPane is what I'm looking for.

  • Except from vb legacy input-box, there is non. Try implementing by yourself. – Gilad Naaman Oct 15 '11 at 19:35

As of windows vista, there is the taskdialog api.

This is an os feature, not a c# library, in that sense not what you asked. But it roughly covers the same ground: a more versatile messagebox api, that relieves you from manually layouting simple dialogs. If you google, you can find c# wrappers that emulate this api on older windows.

Finally, here is a blog entry how to use it in c#


Well, the only thing I can think of that's similar is this. It's part of Microsoft.VisualBasic.dll so you'll have to add a reference. I don't think there's any way of customizing it more than that, but that does give you a little more flexibility.

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