Say I have a tensor A and a container of values vals. Is there a clean way of returning a Boolean tensor of the same shape as A with each element being whether that element of A is contained within vals? e.g:

A = torch.tensor([[1,2,3],
vals = [1,5]
# Desired output

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You can simply do like this:

result = A.apply_(lambda x: x in vals).bool()

Then result will contain this tensor:

tensor([[ True, False, False],
        [False,  True, False]])

Here I simply used a lambda function and the apply_ method that you can find in the official documentation.

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    The apply operator with generator only works on CPU tensors
    – GrantD71
    Apr 7 at 1:04

You can achieve this with a for loop:

sum(A==i for i in B).bool()
[list(map(lambda x: x in vals, thelist)) for thelist in A]

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