I was wondering what is the difference between react events: onFocus and onFocusCapture. I could not find an appropriate answer on react's documentation page.

    label="price from"
    label="price to"

In my case, it seems like onFocus and onFocusCapture do the same functionality because I have not noticed any difference when using those two events.

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This is what React say in their documentation:

"The event handlers below are triggered by an event in the bubbling phase. To register an event handler for the capture phase, append Capture to the event name; for example, instead of using onClick, you would use onClickCapture to handle the click event in the capture phase." reactjs.org/docs/events

So, I think there isn't anymore to say about that. What I understand it's like without 'capture' the code is executed after the event and with 'capture' it's executed before.

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