I am attempting to install phpBugTracker on our web server. When I attempt to test the database connection on the installation screen, I get an error screen that reads "DB Test Failure... DB Error: extension not found". The error is being thrown from the following function:

function test_database(&$params, $testonly = false) {
    // PEAR::DB
    define('PEAR_PATH', ''); // Set this to '/some/path/' to not use system-wide PEAR
    // define('PEAR_PATH', 'inc/pear/'); // use a locally installed Pear (phpBT v0.9.1)
    if (!@include_once(PEAR_PATH.'DB.php')) {
        $error_message = translate("Failed loading Pear:DB");
        $error_info = translate("Please check your Pear installation and the defined PEAR_PATH in install.php");
        $error_info .= " <a href='http://pear.php.net/'>http://pear.php.net/</a>";
    // execution gets this far without a problem...
    $dsn = array(
        'phptype' => $params['db_type'],
        'hostspec' => $params['db_host'],
        'database'  => $params['db_database'],
        'username'  => $params['db_user'],
        'password'  => $params['db_pass']
    $db = DB::Connect($dsn);

    // Simple error checking on returned DB object to check connection to db
    if (DB::isError($db)) {
       // $db go boom...
        $error_message = isset($db->message) ? $db->message : '';
        $error_info = isset($db->user_info) ? $db->user_info : '';
    } else {
        if ($testonly) {
        } else {
            return $db;

I am using MySQL version 5.0.45, PHP version 4.47, and I have PEAR::DB version 1.7.6 stable. I've already verified that I can connect to the database I'm using with the login I've created otherwise. I am at the mercy of my hosting company as to what modules are installed.

Any ideas on what could be causing the error?

Edit: db_type is set to "mysqli". When I use "mysql" as the type I get a "connection failed" error instead.


Okay, I feel rather silly, but the path to MySQL was different on this particular server and I had just assumed localhost. This had nothing to do mysql vs. mysqli. Fixed path and it connected just fine.


Verify with phpinfo() that extension for db_type you're using is installed and activated. Perhaps you're trying with "mysqli" db_type, while you should use "mysql" (without 'i')?

MySQLi doesn't come by default with PHP4.

  • When I try using "mysql" instead of "mysqli" I get a "connect failed" error instead. – Heather M Mar 20 '09 at 21:30
  • Ahhhh - I did not know that. I think my server can use either version, I'll have to try under version 5.x – Heather M Mar 21 '09 at 2:56

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