I try to get a polygonal cropping from a photo i capture from my app in Xamarin Foms. I use SkiaSharp .So the first step is ok i get a canvas from my EdgeCroppingView like this

enter image description here

So now I want crop the selection and "resize" in full screen only the selection (around the cat) and i have this :

enter image description here

The selected skpath (the borders) are correctly "resizing" but not the inside content(the cat's area) : i would like to strech this area ...

Any idea ?

 private void OnCanvasViewPaintSurface(object sender, SKPaintSurfaceEventArgs e)
        SKImageInfo info = e.Info;
        SKSurface surface = e.Surface;
        SKCanvas canvas = surface.Canvas;

        if (_pathToClip != null)
             SKRect rectSource;
            _pathToClip.GetTightBounds(out rectSource);

            SKRect canvasRect = SKRect.Create(e.Info.Size);

            //I need to find the size of the path
            SKRect pathRect = _pathToClip.TightBounds;

            //I want to find the largest rectangle that can fit on my canvas maintaining the path's aspect ratio
            //SkiaSharp added a builtin method for this based on code from me

            SKRect drawPathRect = canvasRect.AspectFit(pathRect.Size);
            //Now I need to transform the path to draw within the drawPathRect
            //First translate original path to its own origin
            SKMatrix firstTranslateM = SKMatrix.CreateTranslation(-pathRect.Left, -pathRect.Top);
            //Next handle scaling.  Since I maintained aspect ratio, I should be able to use either
            //width or height to figure out scaling factor
            float scalingFactor = drawPathRect.Width / pathRect.Width;
            SKMatrix scaleM = SKMatrix.CreateScale(scalingFactor, scalingFactor);
            //Last I need to handle translation so path is centered on canvas
            SKMatrix secondTranslateM = SKMatrix.CreateTranslation(drawPathRect.Left, drawPathRect.Top);
            //Now combine the translation, scaling, and translation into a single matrix by matrix multiplication/concatentation
            SKMatrix transformM = SKMatrix.CreateIdentity();
            SKMatrix.PostConcat(ref transformM, firstTranslateM);
            SKMatrix.PostConcat(ref transformM, scaleM);
            SKMatrix.PostConcat(ref transformM, secondTranslateM);
            //Now apply the transform to the path


           using (var paint = new SKPaint())
                paint.Style = SKPaintStyle.Stroke;
                paint.Color = SKColors.Magenta;
                paint.StrokeWidth = 5;

                canvas.DrawPath(_pathToClip, paint);
                canvas.DrawBitmap(Bitmap, info.Rect, BitmapStretch.UniformToFill );

  • I try to check your code with SkisSharp. But i got some complier erros with SKMatrix.CreateIdentity, SKMatrix.CreateScale, SKMatrix.CreateTranslation. Am i missing something for this? Do you use the Xamarin Skiasharp? Mar 29, 2021 at 8:35
  • @WendyZang-MSFT Yes , i'm using SkiaSharp latest version. You need to set _pathToClip (the SKRect's cropped region) .before invalidate Canvas
    – Teetof
    Mar 29, 2021 at 11:57


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