I have a large autoconf/automake project, broken into components using AC_CONFIG_SUBDIRS. Is there any way to make autoconf/configure run faster? Perhaps doing subdirs in parallel, or caching reusable findings?

I could easily write a build script that would build components in parallel, but would prefer to not add a secondary point of build structure maintainance.

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You can cache results between multiple configure (several runs of the same configure, or recursive sub-configure) using the configure cache feature. Simply run

./configure -C

However you should remember to delete the cache when your system's configuration changes (like after installing new packages that were not found by a previous configure run). If you use some third-party macros, you may also have to fix some of them to cache their results properly (a common error is to make some configuration decision during a test that might be skipped if the result of that test is cached).

If you want to share your cache between multiple projects, you can set it up in config.site.

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    Agreed on just about all counts, but setting cache variables in config.site strikes me as a Bad Idea. Didn't gentoo try a confcache a few years back? IIRC, they had to back it out because it broke heaps of things.
    – Jack Kelly
    Jul 15, 2011 at 10:35

I'm thinking of a parallel configure which does the checks in parallel making best use of the multicore of the host. Probably the autoconf should generate bash script which can be vectorized/pipelined to make it possible.

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