I'm new in Jhipster. After install it last version 7 got this error when try to import JDL: ERROR! Cannot find module 'ajv/dist/compile/context' Try downgradring to version 6, but same error.

Any advice?


Complete stack error:

ERROR! Cannot find module 'ajv/dist/compile/context' Require stack:

  • /Users/rafa/desarrollo/personal/jhipster/myapp/node_modules/ajv-formats/dist/limit.js
  • /Users/rafa/desarrollo/personal/jhipster/myapp/node_modules/ajv-formats/dist/index.js
  • /Users/rafa/desarrollo/personal/jhipster/myapp/node_modules/conf/dist/source/index.js
  • /Users/rafa/desarrollo/personal/jhipster/myapp/node_modules/generator-jhipster/generators/statistics.js
  • /Users/rafa/desarrollo/personal/jhipster/myapp/node_modules/generator-jhipster/generators/app/prompts.js
  • /Users/rafa/desarrollo/personal/jhipster/myapp/node_modules/generator-jhipster/generators/app/index.js
  • /Users/rafa/desarrollo/personal/jhipster/myapp/node_modules/yeoman-environment/lib/store.js
  • /Users/rafa/desarrollo/personal/jhipster/myapp/node_modules/yeoman-environment/lib/environment.js
  • /Users/rafa/desarrollo/personal/jhipster/myapp/node_modules/generator-jhipster/cli/environment-builder.js
  • /Users/rafa/desarrollo/personal/jhipster/myapp/node_modules/generator-jhipster/cli/program.js
  • /Users/rafa/desarrollo/personal/jhipster/myapp/node_modules/generator-jhipster/cli/cli.js
  • /usr/local/lib/node_modules/generator-jhipster/cli/jhipster.js

try this on project directory

rm -rf node_modules

and then

npm install
  • Hi, thanks for the advice, but same result, same error. – Rafael Urdaneta Mar 29 at 23:29
  • Downgrade again but this time to the version 5.8.2, and work ok. Maybe a issue y new versions? I keep searching... thanks – Rafael Urdaneta Mar 30 at 0:49
  • I noticed that we have two different jhipster versions: ones global and other internally in the project. I removed both, reinstall it the 6.1.2 and works ok. But the error persist in latest version 7.0. I will continue working with 6.1.2. Thanks! – Rafael Urdaneta Mar 30 at 19:17

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