I have created a route for login, where I post my form data and set a cookie. After setting the cookie I redirect to "/main" where I get {detail:"Method Not Allowed"} as a response.

async def login(request:Request):
     response = RedirectResponse(url="/main")
     return response

async def root(request:Request, cookie: Optional[str] = Cookie(None)):
     if cookie:
        answer = "set to %s" % cookie
          answer = "not set"

     return {"value": answer}

I furthered checked the console to find that a POST request is made to "/main" during the redirect and hence causing the error. When I change it to app.post("/main") it works fine. How do I avoid this error? I don't want to make post request to access "/main" everytime. Thanks in advance.

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I found that in FastAPI, starlette response by default have code 307, which preserves the method during the redirection, hence the post request. I solved this by adding response.status_code = 302 before returning the response.

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    status_code=status.HTTP_303_SEE_OTHER make more sense to me. 302 status code is for not found redirection.
    – Karimai
    Commented Mar 12 at 9:57

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