I'm attempting to validate a String @PathVariable inside a Kotlin Spring controller.

open class KStringController {

    @GetMapping(path = ["string/{username}"],
            produces = [APPLICATION_JSON_VALUE])
    fun validateStringPathVariable(
            @Pattern(regexp = "[A-Za-z]+", message = "Username Pattern Validation Message")
            @Size(min = 2, max = 15, message = "Username Size Validation Message")
            @PathVariable("username") username: String?
    ): ResponseEntity<String>? {
        logger.info { String.format("validateStringPathVariable: Got Username [%s]", username) }
        System.out.printf("validateStringPathVariable: Username is [%s]%n", username)

        return ResponseEntity.ok("Username is valid")

I have unit tests for it:

class KStringGetControllerTest {
    private lateinit var mvc: MockMvc

    fun validStringPathVariable() {
        val request: MockHttpServletRequestBuilder = givenARequestFor("/kotlin/string/mike")
        val actions: ResultActions = whenTheRequestIsMade(request)
                MockMvcResultMatchers.content().bytes("Username is valid".toByteArray()))

    fun shoutsWhenStringPathVariableIsTooShort() {
        val request = givenARequestFor("/kotlin/string/a")
        val actions = whenTheRequestIsMade(request)
        val response = """{
    "validationErrors": [
            "fieldName": "validateStringPathVariable.username",
            "message": "Username Size Validation Message"
        val content = MockMvcResultMatchers.content()

    private fun givenARequestFor(url: String): MockHttpServletRequestBuilder {
        return MockMvcRequestBuilders.get(url)

    private fun whenTheRequestIsMade(request: MockHttpServletRequestBuilder): ResultActions {
        return mvc.perform(request)

    private fun thenExpect(resultActions: ResultActions, vararg matchers: ResultMatcher) {

Currently the second test is failing; it's returning a 200 response code when I'm expecting a 400. Much much more code at https://github.com/Mavelous/spring-validation.

  • For me, the validation fails "correctly". But it doesn't translate into a clean HTTP code, it just throws
    – Nicolas
    Apr 7, 2021 at 17:23

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With help from others, I've managed to find a solution.

Quick answer: Change the function to open fun validateStringPathVariable, and the validations will start working.

Alternative answer: Use the org.jetbrains.kotlin.plugin.spring plugin in your build.gradle file.

I also created a blog post with a longer description: http://mavelo.us/2021/04/07/spring-validation-in-kotlin.html

  • What version of Springboot and Kotlin did your solution work with? Dec 24, 2021 at 12:41

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