From what I've understood, hover() is a combination of mouseenter and mouseleave events. These events are different from mouseover and mouseout.

But is it possible to trigger mouseover and mouseout using hover()?

For Example: Change "hover(mouseenter, mouseleave)" to "hover(mouseover, mouseout)"

  • It is possible to use the CSS :hover selector, and not involve javascript at all. – Paul T. Mar 30 at 1:22
  • @Paul T. So hover(mouseover, mouseout) is not possible at all? – M Ann Mar 30 at 7:17
  • I did not say that, I was offering a javascript alternative. I've not worried about those older javascript methods ever since CSS had an alternative to avoid javacript. (know that NONE of those methods will work if the user has their browser javascript disabled) Yes, you can achieve the same hover-like effect using either pair, assuming javascript is enabled, but why? – Paul T. Mar 30 at 10:58

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