I'm using Shopify Liquid. If I don't include {% if my_array %} and have a code such as this:

{% for var in my_array %}
Do this heavy task
{% endif %}

does it skip the "heavy task" if my_array is empty or is it better to include the if statement (performance wise)? Thank you.

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    if you add {% if my_array.size > 0 %} at starting of code acts as a check and if empty then it stops processing inside code, I think performance-wise this is good practice.
    – Onkar
    Mar 30, 2021 at 7:14

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Thank you for your answers, but I found this from Shopify developers documents. According to Shopify, {% for var in my_array %} also acts like an if statement, which can be combined with {% else %} for when the array is empty. for example:

{% for var in my_array %}
Do this heavy task
{% else %}
<p>This array is empty</p>
{% endfor %}

Hope this helps others searching for it too.


There shouldn't be much of a difference. You may just keep {% if my_array %}.


Since you're writing it in liquid, you won't see any performance issues since the result will already be written when the page loads.

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