I have a Facebook Business Page and I want to be able to send messages to people that we have 'already' messaged with. I do not want to have to have them initiate the conversation as they have already done so in the past. I know that Facebook requires the user to initiate but once they have already done so in the past can we retrieve their user ID and send them a message? The message will be sent using the Facebook Messenger API using a C# / .Net Core app but I'm not sure if any of the SDK's out there can do this they all seem geared towards bots after the user clicks a recent conversation starter button. Thanks....

  • An SDK is just a tool to help you communicate with the API here, it can’t change the scope of operations the API itself allows for to begin with. What messaging types exist, and what their specific limitations are, can be found in the documentation, so go and figure out whether any of those are applicable for your use case, or not. developers.facebook.com/docs/messenger-platform/policy/… – CBroe Mar 30 at 11:48
  • I have the Facebook documentation and I have implemented many SDK's... What I want to know from other developers that have used the Facebook Messenger API / SDK is.... "Is my scenario implementable and have they done similar. – cypherljk Mar 30 at 19:24

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