I'm using the latest version of jHipster (7) and I have a problem when I try to generate an entity with jhipster entity command. It says that a node-module is missing :

Cannot find module 'ajv/dist/compile/context'

And when I look at some project I've generated with an other version of jHipster, I can find this file. I think it's a pb with the new version as it's the first time I have this pb...

I tried to find the missing file on internet, but i don't find it.


For anyone looking for the workaround for this issue in jhipster version 7 : you can find it here :


1. npm install -g npm@latest (Or just downgrade npm version at pom.xml)

2. Recreate package-lock/node_modules

3. rm -rf package-lock.json node_modules

4. npm install

source : comment github link

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