I would like to start an HTTP server in a goroutine but have a its parent return an error if the startup failed. Is there a good way for doing this? I tried passing the error in a channel. But this makes the parent block even if the server started successfully (unless I introduce an arbitrary timeout for listening on that channel).

func Start() error {
  go func() {
     srv = &http.Server{...}
     if err := srv.ListenAndServe(); err != http.ErrServerClosed {
       // return err from Start()
  // return nil if server started successfully
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    What is the issue with using an arbitrary timeout? ListenAndServe blocks until the server shuts down; by wrapping what is not a Start function in a Start function, you're changing the semantics of the call, and you're going to have to account for that somehow.
    – Adrian
    Mar 30, 2021 at 20:58

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ListenAndServe is a helper function that opens a listening socket and then serves connections on that socket.

Startup errors in ListenAndServer are in the listen part of the function. Create the listener on the main goroutine and handle errors there. Run the server in a goroutine:

l, err := net.Listen("tcp", ":8080") // adjust arguments as needed.
if err != nil {
    // Handle error.

srv = &http.Server{...}
go func() {
   if err := srv.Serve(l); err != nil {
       // Handle non-startup errors here.

If you want to stick to that pattern, either send a nil error through the channel to signal a successful initialization or close the channel. Both actions can be picked up by the main thread and it will stop being blocked.

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    So when would you send nil into that channel? Before srv.ListenAndServe()? Well, no error will have occurred by then. Or after srv.ListenAndServe()? Well, this will only happen once the server has shut down again, so it does not really solve the issue at hand.
    – rookie099
    Mar 31, 2021 at 12:06

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