I am trying to get audience_city, audience_country, audience_gender_age, audience_locale metrics from FB graph API IG user insights endpoint: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/instagram-api/reference/ig-user/insights

The request I am making:

curl --location --request GET 'https://graph.facebook.com/v10.0/17841411377776842/insights?access_token=...&metric=audience_city&period=lifetime&since=1614639600&until=1614812400'

and the error returned:

    "error": {
        "message": "(#100) (audience_city) metric supports querying data only till yesterday",
        "type": "OAuthException",
        "code": 100,
        "fbtrace_id": "APrDtw-8BzaJSbu4F9Q-RA5"

The since and until timestamps are set to accordingly 2, 4 March 2021 - so definitely I am not querying "too fresh" data.

The same request for another metric like online_followers is working like a charm.

Has anyone met a similar issue and been able to overpass it?


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