Prior to SB2.4neo4j6, if i had a boolean node property, and it had no value saved in the db, it was automatically set as false at mapping into the @Node marked pojo and caused no problem.

In this new Spring boot 2.4 neo4j 6 however it throws an exception that null cannot be mapped to boolean value.

Should i now set up some Null to boolean conversion or what should i do? Tried with "GenericConverter" and also with Neo4jPersistentPropertyConverter with @ConvertWith on the property in manymany ways with Boolean and NullValue and Object and so on.

What would be a way to solve this?(cant do database update to give all non existent booleans a value)

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Why can't you do a database update to set the value. Have you looked at Liquibase?


With that, a changeset like this:

   MATCH (n:WhateverNode) WHERE NOT exists(n.flag) SET n.flag=false RETURN n

Would cleanly update your database so that you don't need any tricky converters.

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    sure it would be possible, for whatever reason tho, i am not allowed to by someone who knows more about the project/db as i do. In the end i just changed the primitives to the wrapper class(Boolean), and gave them e getter which returns the default value if its null. Definietly not a nice solution/one that i wanted, but it works. Apr 12, 2021 at 9:45

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