I have to execute javascript method when the global variable is reached to some value, for example if x=10 then do doSomething(); Variable can be increased from multiple locations after each successful asynchronous request.

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A solution without any timer or polling:

var X = {    // global variable
    value: 0,
    set: function(v) {
             X.value = v;
             if (X.value == 10) { 
                 // do what you like, e.g.
                 alert("X == 10"); 

 X.set(X.value + 7);  // "do what you like" gets executed
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JavaScript does not offer native data binding features, you have to rely on polling:

globalVar = 0;


if (globalVar >= 10) {

}, 100);

In the code above I defined a function which will be executed each 100 milliseconds and if the globalVar has reached a minimum value of 10 an hypothetical globarVarChangeHandler() will be called.

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  • Yuck, polling for variable changes? Please don't use this. – Juan Mendes Dec 6 '12 at 22:19

Instead of using a global variable why dont you use a input text field (with display:none) and update this field's value. Thean you can apply onchange event on this field to trigger your doSomething() method

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  • Would work, but there's no need for a DOM element, that's overkill – Juan Mendes Dec 6 '12 at 22:27

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