I'm trying to make a fandom search command which is supposed to search the among us fandom wiki but it isn't working at all telling that it isn't find any results

//formats to fit the proper url
        const fetch = require('node-fetch')
        const Parse = require('parse')
        const url = require('url')
        var term = args.join().replace(/,/g, "_")
        term = term.toLowerCase()
        //creates the api url being used
        var apiurl = 'https://among-us.fandom.com//api/v1/Search/List?query=' + term + '&limit=1'

            //converts response into a json format
            .then(response => response.json())
            //sends the proper url into the chat
            .then(data => {
                const page = data.items[0].id
                var pageurl = 'https://among-us.fandom.com//api/v1/Articles/AsSimpleJson?id=' + page
                    .then(response => response.json())
                    .then(data => {
                        var test = data.sections[0].images.src
                        const prev = page.snippet.replace(/\//g, '')
                        const embededSearch = new Discord.MessageEmbed()
                                { name: '\u200b', value: prev.replace(/<span>|<span class=\"searchmatch\">|'<'|'>'/g, '') + '...' }
            //for when a page isn't found
            .catch(function (e) {
                message.channel.send('No results found')

i tried console logging the error and i get error TypeError: Cannot read property '0' of undefined could i get any help i have been trying for hours to make it work

  • Have you tried to log the value of data. It was { status: 404, error: 'ControllerNotFoundException', details: 'Controller not found: SearchApi' } for me. Is the link correct? Even if it is, you should verify data first. – Zsolt Meszaros Apr 3 at 20:44
  • it doesn't log anything when I try so does that mean something is wrong with the link? how would I be able to fix that – tekeke Apr 3 at 20:56
  • Got the same result as @ZsoltMeszaros when I tried. Where did you find the API documentation? – Dorian349 Apr 4 at 16:11

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