I have a working EDE project, but I would like to locate the command in a file in the source tree for that project and not in my .emacs file. Is this possible?

I have tried using directory variables and emacs loads the file, but it does have any affect. To do this I placed the following code in .dir-locals.el in the project root:

 . ((ede-cpp-root-project "MyProj"
     :name "MyProj Project"
     :file "/home/jlisee/projects/myproj_code/CMakeLists.txt"
     :include-path '( "/packages" )
     :system-include-path '( "/opt/myproj/local/include" )
     :spp-table '( ("CONST" . "const") )

The project type ede-cpp-root is for people who specifically want to keep the project file out of their source tree. If you want a project type in your source tree, there are other options.

If you are using a recent version of CEDET, you can instead enable the generic project types which in turn supports cmake (which it looks like you are using?)


Once in this generic project for CMake, use

 M-x ede-customize-project RET

to add in include paths, macro tables, and the like.

If you aren't using makefiles, cmake, or whatever, you can create your own generic project type with a bit of code in your .emacs file. Look in ede-generic for everything that mentions CMake, and it should be pretty obvious what 3 things to create.

I think the existing project type uses CMakeLists, not CMakeLists.txt, so perhaps the existing code needs a tweak.

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    I add (ede-enable-generic-projects) at the end of .emacs. Then execute "M-x ede-customize-project RET", the error says: eieio-oref: Wrong type argument: (or eieio-object-p class-p), nil. How to fixed it? – shijie xu Jun 18 '14 at 16:04

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