I'm trying to install RabbitMQ on my corporate computer which uses proxy. But rabbit doesn't work and I can't reach localhost:15672 even after enabling management plugin. I have executed command set HOMEDRIVE=C:\Users\username before installing management plugin because I was getting an error -

Failed to create cookie file 'h:/.erlang.cookie': enoent

But it didn't work. I still can't reach the localhost:15672. And now, when I try to execute this command - rabbitmq-diagnostics erlang_cookie_sources I'm getting this

C:\Program Files\RabbitMQ Server\rabbitmq_server-3.8.14\sbin>rabbitmq-diagnostics erlang_cookie_sources Listing Erlang cookie sources used by CLI tools... [1mCookie File[0m

Effective user: (none) Effective home directory: L:\ Cookie file path: L:/.erlang.cookie Cookie file exists? false Cookie file type: (n/a) Cookie file access: (n/a) Cookie file size: (n/a)

[1mCookie CLI Switch[0m

--erlang-cookie value set? false --erlang-cookie value length: 0

[1mEnv variable [0m [1m[31m(Deprecated)[0m


Why does it say that homedrive is still L:\ ? I don't even have such drive at my computer. How to solve this problem and run rabbitMQ?

  • Is HOMEPATH set? Looking at the code, it seems like it concatenates HOMEDRIVE and HOMEPATH to get the home directory, but only if both environment variables are set. – legoscia Apr 7 at 10:38

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