A bit of a mechanical question regarding Coq Vectors. In my proof I have

input: Vector.t nat 1
compliacted_fixpoint_for input = true

I am looking for a theorem/tactic that can explode the vector so I can rewrite with the inner nat, like below, so I can then use cbn.

input: Vector.t nat 1
n: nat
Hin: input = [n]
complicated_fixpoint_for [n] = true

inversion input does introduce n: nat but surprisingly not Hin, which does not help me call cbn afterwards.


I think you are looking for rewrite (eta input).

Here are two lemmas that can be useful:

Import VectorNotations.

Lemma vec0 {T}: forall (v:Vector.t T 0), v = [].
  apply (case0 (fun x => x=[])).

Lemma vec1 {T} : forall (v:Vector.t T 1), v = [hd v].
  rewrite (VectorSpec.eta v).
  apply f_equal.
  apply vec0.
  • That's exactly what I needed thanks! – rausted Apr 6 at 16:54

Use dependent inversion input. instead. When the thing you want to invert is a term that appears in the goal, rather than just a proof/hypothesis, you want to use dependent inversion.

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