I am facing a challenge regarding a Facebook messenger bot. I would like to know how to test my Facebook messenger bot using test users created on Facebook.

This is my current situation. I have already tried the following two solutions, but I could not resolve the situation.

①I created a test user in my Facebook app. After login as that user, I created a test page. However, I could not add this test page in my Facebook app and I could not get a page access token. Therefore, I could not test my chatbot function using this test page.

②I created a real Facebook page using my own Facebook account. I could add that page to my Facebook app. In this page, my chatbot is working. However, after login as a test user, I could not access or send any messages to this Facebook page and test the chatbot function.

What should I do to test my Facebook chatbot function using a test user created in Facebook app?

Could anyone help me with this situation?

Thank you in advance.

  • Test users can not interact with “real” pages. Try and add another real Facebook account to your app, in the admin, developer or tester role. – CBroe Apr 6 at 6:34

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