I have found an issue on https://ru.reactjs.org/ and I want to post it somewhere to be fixed by React team.

As far as it is not connected with React, but with a react website, I didn't find any repo on github is connected with React website.

My question is what is the correct place to post my issue for https://ru.reactjs.org/?


By pressing the Languages icon at top nav, you have all translated docs list and their Github repositories: https://reactjs.org/languages

enter image description here

For the Russian language (translation issues), you can open an issue ticket / add a PR at the related Github repo.

  • Thank you. Should I open an issue in a repo related to Russian language even if my issue is language independent? – pepeevich Apr 5 at 8:18
  • 1
    If its not a translation issue, you should ask on Stackoverflow under reactjs tag (recommended, faster response) or open an issue on the main facebook/react repo – Dennis Vash Apr 5 at 8:20

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