I have installed PostgreSQL13 version in my windows system and working though Pgadmin4 ,created one sample database like "Temp_Database". in that created one sample table "Agents". Agents table having ("AGENT_CODE", "AGENT_NAME", "WORKING_AREA", "COMMISSION", "PHONE_NO", "COUNTRY") columns. i want to perform masking concept on any one of the column. I tried some scripts and getting fatal error as mentioned below. Can anyone please help me to load anon() function in windows system


ERROR: could not open extension control file "C:/Program Files/PostgreSQL/13/share/extension/anon.control": No such file or directory SQL state: 58P01

--ALTER DATABASE "Temp_Database" SET session_preload_libraries='anon';


Query returned successfully in 53 msec.

--SHOW session_preload_libraries;

FATAL: Could not access file "anon" , no such file or directory


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