I am trying to connect to an Access DB in the local drive using TFDConnection. But My code is getting stuck or hanged while trying to open the connection. Please find the code snippet below:

         CreateBOTSchema(AnsiString accesslocation){
    AnsiString db;
    db = "Database=" + accesslocation;
    FDQuery1->SQL->Clear() ;
    FDQuery1->SQL->Add("(ELEMID TEXT(50),");
    FDQuery1->SQL->Add("UGL_SORT TEXT(50),");
    FDQuery1->SQL->Add("STOCK_NO TEXT(50),");
    FDQuery1->SQL->Add("QUANTITY double,");
    FDQuery1->SQL->Add("DIAMETER double,");
    FDQuery1->SQL->Add("DESCRIPTION TEXT(100),");
    FDQuery1->SQL->Add("PRICE double,");
    FDQuery1->SQL->Add("LENGTH double)");
    try {
    } catch (...) {
        ShowMessage("Error creating BOT.mdb. Please close the database. ");

I am calling this method from another location: CreateBOTSchema("C:\BOT\db.mdb"); This method is getting stuck at "FDConnection1->Connected=true;" line. Please help me to resolve this issue.

  • What does 'getting stuck' mean - what is error message? – June7 Apr 5 at 16:43
  • TFD connection? You have to explain that . You do NOT connect to a text file, or a word file or a access file. You OPEN such files. MASSVIE different use of terms here. Access is a file system - you can only open such files - you never really connect to a plane jane file sitting on disk. As a result, the path name in that connection has to be a full legal path name to the file. You are thus using the windows file system, and this is why you can't use say sky-drive or other systems - they are http based, and often a connection to say MySQL is a socket/IP based conneciton. Access is a file. – Albert D. Kallal Apr 5 at 18:44
  • 'getting stuck' means it will not go to the next line. It will wait in that line of code. After some time the application is getting crashed. – Ajo George Apr 5 at 19:59
  • TFDConnection is a Embarcadero RAD Studio API class. Please see the link below. docwiki.embarcadero.com/Libraries/Sydney/en/… – Ajo George Apr 5 at 20:01
  • No debugging info, some error message? docwiki.embarcadero.com/RADStudio/Sydney/en/… – June7 Apr 5 at 20:04

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