I need a little help with a function in dart/flutter I am trying to write.

There are bunch of HEX encoded strings separated by comma and joined together in one String.

For example: String input = 'HexEncodedStr1,HexEncodedStr2,HexEncodedStr3'

I need to decode each of those strings and output them in the same comma separated form:

String output = 'HexDecodedStr1,HexDecodedStr2,HexDecodedStr3'

Currently, I am using hex.dart package as string decoder but I am struggling to separate each encoded string before decoding it with hex.dart:

import 'package:hex/hex.dart';

//The decode function
String decode(hexString) {
  if (hexString != "") {
     hexString = HEX.decode(hexString);
     return hexString;
  } else {
     return "N/A";

void main() {

  String test = decode('776f726c64,706c616e65740d0a');
  print(test); //world,planet


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How about splitting the string and joining decoded parts afterwards?

void main() {
  final decoded = '776f726c64,706c616e65740d0a'
  print(decoded); //world,planet

You could use string.split(",");


String input = 'HexEncodedStr1,HexEncodedStr2,HexEncodedStr3'
var inputSplit = input.split(",");

Now you have a list of substring. I think that you can then you a for loop or foreach.

inputSplit.forEach((element) => print(decode(element);));


 for(var i = 0; i < inputSplit.length; i++)
    var oneHex = decode(inputSplit[i]);

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