So basically, I'm creating a website which is for my tuckshop. And I want it so when the user clicks the "Payment Button", the code should create a new row in one table called "orders" and another row in an"order_details" table (Which it does successfully) but where the issue comes in, is in the bolded section of the code below. You see, I'm trying to get the Maximum value of the Primary key (Auto Increment) from the orders table (Which is created when the user clicks payment btn), then save it in a variable called "$order" and then insert that value into the "OrderID" column of the the order_details table. But it just doesn't do that, and i honestly can't think of any other way around this. This is what i've got so far. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

if(isset($_REQUEST['payment'])) {
     $date = date("Y-m-d h:i:sa");
     $userID = $_SESSION['userID']; 

    $sql_orders = "INSERT INTO orders (UserID, Date, Status) VALUES ($userID, '$date', 'PROCESSING')";

    mysqli_query($connection, $sql_orders);

    foreach($_SESSION['shopping_cart'] as $keys => $values) {
    $item_id = $values['item_id'];
    $quantity = $values['item_quantity'];
    $total = $values['item_price']*$values['item_quantity'];
    **$order = "SELECT MAX(OrderID) FROM orders;";**
    **mysqli_query($connection, $order);**

    **$sql_order_details = "INSERT INTO order_details (OrderID, ItemID, Quantity, Total) VALUES ($order, $item_id, $quantity, $total)";**

    **mysqli_query($connection, $sql_order_details);**

} }

  • See the function LAST_INSERT_ID(). – Rick James Mar 27 at 6:06

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