I have a number of controls grouped in containers, say a TPanel, with several containers on a TForm. The controls have event handlers that I need, like OnKeyDown, OnChange, etc. But when they fire, the event is sent to the parent form. I need the events to fire in the container, because the response will be dependent on each group's properties. I haven't found a container in C++Builder that can do this, other than a TForm or maybe a TFrame (which I don't know how to use).

Can I steer the events back to the originating container?

Is there a way to add event handlers to a TPanel, or other containers?

Can I group TForms on a TForm?

  • How are you assigning the event handlers to begin with? At design-time, or in your code? The nice thing about VCL/FMX-style event handlers is that they don't care what classes they are assigned to. You don't HAVE to use TForm class methods as event handlers, but event handlers created at design-time will always use the owning TForm/TFrame for event handlers. In this situation, I would definitely suggest you learn how to use TFrame. – Remy Lebeau Apr 6 at 20:43
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    In any case, most event handlers give you a Sender parameter, which points at the component object that is firing the event. You can cast that component to TControl and use its Parent property to know which container the component is on. – Remy Lebeau Apr 6 at 20:46
  • Thanks Remy; I learned a bit about TFrames, and they will do what I need. Events still fire in the enclosing TFrom, but at least it is clear what Frame they came from, as in: void __fastcall TForm22::TimeFrame1Edit2Change(TObject *Sender) – KevinM Apr 7 at 17:25

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