I want to deploy ABP angular Application into IIS I don't know how.

I created a folder contain the backEnd Folder And The FrntEnd Folder then i build the frontend into the frontend Folder and in the visual studio, I publish the backend into the backEnd Folder

in IIS I created a website with the backEnd with HTTPS and inside the Website I created a App contain the frantEnd the App works and the data appears in the list

but in create and update method not function

enter image description here

I look inside the log enter image description here


It looks like you haven't changed the application settings.



You need to change application ports, URL. etc

  • i did change the application port into localhost:44376 44376 for the backend and the frantend and i'm able to get the list but in crud method (create,update,.....) i get error of 405 and 400 – chinoubi néo Apr 7 at 8:12
  • You should check the application logs. – liangshiwei Apr 8 at 8:18

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