I get this error: Cannot access database on the main thread since it may potentially lock the UI for a long period of time. It happens when I launch fun turnAllWordsOn() in the ViewModel (code below). This function launches coroutine, and I thought that coroutine always works on the backgroung thread. So why I get this error? Apprecieate any help

In Fragment:

override fun onOptionsItemSelected(item: MenuItem): Boolean {
    return when (item.itemId) {
        R.id.action_turn_all_words_on -> {
    // othes items

In ViewModel:

fun turnAllWordsOn() = viewModelScope.launch {

In Dao:

@Query("UPDATE word_table SET shown = 1")
fun turnAllWordsOn()

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You have to mark your Dao function as a suspend function if you want Room to run it on a background thread. Otherwise all you're doing is calling a synchronous function from a coroutine scope.

@Query("UPDATE word_table SET shown = 1")
suspend fun turnAllWordsOn()

As a side note, suspend functions don't automatically run on a background thread, however Room does the necessary work behind the scenes when you mark a query as suspend.


Even if you have the answer, I still want to give some solution and cause of the problem, Performing networking, or accessing the database can block Ui Thread, so you can use

  1. Using RxJava:

    Completable.fromAction { wordDao.turnAllWordsOn() }

  2. Using Coroutine:

    @Query("UPDATE word_table SET shown = 1") suspend fun turnAllWordsOn()


Just a note for anyone who ends up here the accepted answer is correct, however if you are calling a Dao function from an activity you must put in inside a Coroutine scope. So after you add suspend onto your Dao function call it from the activity like this.

    // call Dao function here

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