I have two Keycloak instances, A is an IdP for B. From the login screen of B, this works as it should. However, I can’t get IDP Initiated SSO from A to B to work. I filled the "IDP Initiated SSO URL Name” field with a name (say “bbbbb”) in A. When I try to navigate to: http://aaaaa/auth/realms/his/protocol/saml/clients/bbbbb I always end up with the following logging:

22:42:02,993 DEBUG [org.keycloak.services] (default task-23) Authorization code is not valid. Code: null 22:42:02,994 WARN [org.keycloak.events] (default task-23) type=IDENTITY_PROVIDER_LOGIN_ERROR, realmId=master, clientId=null, userId=null, ipAddress=, error=staleCodeMessage 22:42:02,994 ERROR [org.keycloak.services] (default task-23) staleCodeMessage

Which in itself is not surprising, because indeed, there is no Authorization code in play here, but that’s the whole idea of IDP Initiated SSO, no?

What must I do to get this to work? Thanks in advance!

  • did you find the solution for this?
    – linus
    Jan 25, 2023 at 9:48

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I faced the same issue, this happens if you use the same realm name in both Keycloak instances.

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