Haskell newbie here and also first time asking a question here, apologies in advance for anything I may have missed anything.

Im writing a repl function that takes user input, adds the input to a list and uses haskeline to tab complete user input with previously typed words.

So far I can only complete words with a static list defined before run time.

1- How would I add the input word to the list in repl (SOLVED...?)

2- How would I enable the searchFunc to query the list in the repl loop?

My current code:

import Data.List
import System.Console.Haskeline

-- main method
main :: IO ()
main = runInputT mySettings (repl [])

repl :: [String] -> InputT IO ()
repl list =
        minput <- getInputLine "> "
        case minput of
            Nothing     ->  do
                            outputStrLn "Error"
                            repl list

            Just input  ->
                           outputStrLn "Successfully added input to list"
                           -- < 1- add input word to list ... is this correct?>
                           repl (input:list)

mySettings :: Settings IO
mySettings = Settings { historyFile = Just "myhist",
                        complete = completeWord Nothing " \t" $ return . searchFunc,
                        autoAddHistory = True

searchFunc :: String -> [Completion]
-- < 2- complete word using list of words from repl>
searchFunc str = map simpleCompletion $ filter (str `isPrefixOf`) listFromRepl

Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance.

  • 1- do { outputStrLn "Successfully added input to list" ; repl (input:list) } ? – Will Ness Apr 7 at 12:58
  • @WillNess thanks! that solves problem 1 – shadow123 Apr 7 at 13:01
  • better ask whether it is the correct solution. :) maybe you must also update some internals or what not. (I don't know.) I've edited. – Will Ness Apr 7 at 13:04
  • sorry i didnt understand, wdu mean? – shadow123 Apr 7 at 13:06
  • 1
    Welcome to Stack Overflow! The most recent Haskeline question before yours asks about an equivalent task. My answer describes the use of StateT [String] IO or ReaderT (IORef [String]) IO instead of just IO within InputT to retain the list and make it available to the completion function. Your current [String] -> InputT IO () (= ReaderT [String] (InputT IO) ()) can’t do this—modifications are local to repl. If that solves your problem, we can close this question as a duplicate. – Jon Purdy Apr 7 at 22:38

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