I am working on a PWA application which uses the StencilJS Framework. I'm facing an issue when trying to return an offline page if the chosen route is not available in the cache.

The application caches data when the user lands on a page - so if they hit the dashboard and then go offline, the dashboard will still work, but not the news page.

In this instance, the application would need to show an offline page instead of the news page. The news page would only be available offline if it had previously been visited while online.

Here's the problem. Because Stencil does not "navigate" to pages, the application does not know, and is not able, to return the offline page.

This is made worse by the security of service workers. When a link in the menu is clicked, a javascript component is loaded, NOT a text/html resource. Service workers prevent us from returning a response of type "text/html" in the place of "text/javascript" because it is not what the request asked for.

Does anyone know of a way to get this working? Or maybe even tell Stencil to load in an "offline.tsx" component if the network cannot load the needed files?

Any advice at this point would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! :)

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