Am trying to find all possible partitions of a string. For example if i use this single word "sun" ,

`the expected output should be [["su","n"],["s","un"],["s","u","n"]]`

but in my code the output contains the string where the user inputs and i dont want this

        // i dont want ["sun"] in the output 
my output : [["sun"],["su","n"],["s","un"],["s","u","n"]]

Is there any way in my code to stop the function of containing the whole word into the output ? I was thinging to push as input into the auxiliary function the lenght of all partions of the string : length (<function_name> w ) , where w is the string and if the a counter where i will set be equal to length (<function_name> w ) -1 , stop making partitions but i didnt work .

My code is :

partition :: String->[[String]]

partition w =  help_partition w 

help_partition :: String->[[String]]
help_partition [x] = [[[x]]]
help_partition (x:xs) =  [(x:head l):(tail l) | l<- help_partition xs] ++[[x]:l | l<- help_partition xs]
  • You should be able to do what you're currently doing, just filter out ["sun"] at the end. – MLavrentyev Apr 7 at 14:30
  • @MLavrentyev i dont know how that's why am asking here , can you help me ? – tsoki Apr 7 at 14:33
  • use the filter function – Michael Litchard Apr 7 at 14:47
  • to be more specific, take a look at doing filter (/= [w]) (help_partition w) – MLavrentyev Apr 7 at 15:10

The way your help_partition function works, it will always include the full string as the first element in the returned list, so you can use tail to skip it:

partition w = tail (help_partition w)

or even:

partition = tail . help_partition

This is a pretty common technique: you'll often find yourself writing a recursive function that almost returns the list you want but includes an extra special case as the first or last element, and you can use either tail or init to drop those elements.

  • wow !!!! thank you very match :) – tsoki Apr 7 at 15:36

You should be able to make your partition function just filter out [w] from the result of help_partition. In other words:

partition w = filter (/= [w]) (help_partition w)
  • I must not use functions from libraries or any other fixed function – tsoki Apr 7 at 15:35
  • @tsoki you should specify this in your original question. I'm also not sure what you mean by "fixed function". Note that filter is available without importing any other libraries – MLavrentyev Apr 7 at 15:58

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