I want to validate a string that must be of the format x.xx.xxxxx, the first character is required, followed by a period, then two characters also followed by a period and then another set of characters can be anything of any length

  • You might want to check the position of '.' , in your case '.' mush be present at index 1 and 4 according to 0 based indexing.
    – Makarand
    Apr 7, 2021 at 17:37

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I tested out a RegExp pattern /[^.]\.[^.]{2}\.[^.]+/ in the Node console which might help you.

It requires a single non-period character, followed by a period, followed by two non-period characters, followed by a period, followed by one or more non-period characters.

If 0 or more non-period characters are allowed in the last position, then it should instead be as follows, ...


> pattern = /[^.]\.[^.]{2}\.[^.]+/
> pattern.test('a.bc.d')
> pattern.test('a.b.d')
> pattern.test('a.bc.djfkflkjd483789374')

In the context of yup it looks like this documentation would enable you to use a regexp for validation... https://github.com/jquense/yup#stringmatchesregex-regex-message-string--function-schema


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