I am developping in Haskell and had to use System.Random.

Now I have a IO [Int] and I would like to parse it to get the Int inside and then perform action on a list.

I did :

function :: IO [Int] -> [a] -> a
function (x:xs) list = (list !! x)

But I get an error on (x:xs) "Couldn't match expected type 'IO [Int]' with actual type '[a0]'.

How do I parse the IO [Int] to use the Int inside ?

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    You can not unwrap a value out of an IO. – Willem Van Onsem Apr 7 at 20:33
  • @WillemVanOnsem so there is no way i can use these value ? But then I don't understand how can you use random in Haskell outside of the main to print. I can't do calcul with random since he only return a IO Int ? – Hrothgor Apr 8 at 9:00
  • @Hrothgor You cannot unwrap an IO thing to pass on to a pure consumer. But you can wrap a pure consumer to accept IO things (and return IO things), with fmap or (>>=) depending on whether the function returns an IO thing or not. – Daniel Wagner Apr 8 at 20:05