what is wrong with my code? when I watch the preview in inspect element in the browser, I can see the image in the preview section. but the image is not downloading.

    $name = $result['name'];
    $path = $result['path'];
    $disposition = HeaderUtils::makeDisposition(ResponseHeaderBag::DISPOSITION_ATTACHMENT,
        str_replace('%', '', Str::ascii($name)));

    return \Response::download($path, $name, [
        'Content-Type' => 'image/png',
        'Content-Disposition' => $disposition

browser response headers are here

Accept-Ranges: none
Cache-Control: public
Connection: close
Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=e7853e60982911eb912b2192bf4aa5360341.png
Content-Length: 5095
Content-Type: image/png

this is the sample image response in web browser

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    Did you trigger this with a normal request, or is AJAX/fetch involved? – CBroe Apr 8 at 6:43
  • normal request. I tried also ajax. But nothing – Kavindu Chathuranga Apr 16 at 8:47

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