I have a React application and want to change a CSS class when one condition is met or another. How do I do this?

So, if validation or validationNoExist is false then the CSS class should be input-form-validation-wrong, if both are correct then the first class is selected.

Here is my code:

<input type="email"  className={validation || validationNoExist ? 'input-form' : 'input-form-validation-wrong'} placeholder="E-Mail" />

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This may just be an issue of grouping the logical operator so they are evaluated as a unit for the condition test for the ternary. They both need to be true for the ternary to return "input-form".

  className={(validation && validationNoExist) ? 'input-form' : 'input-form-validation-wrong'}

console.log((false && false) ? 'input-form' : 'input-form-validation-wrong');
console.log((true && false) ? 'input-form' : 'input-form-validation-wrong');
console.log((false && true) ? 'input-form' : 'input-form-validation-wrong');
console.log((true && true) ? 'input-form' : 'input-form-validation-wrong');


<input type="email"  className={(validation || validationNoExist) ? 'input-form' : 'input-form-validation-wrong'} placeholder="E-Mail" />

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