Does JSON.NET support the IgnoreDataMember attribute or do I have to use JsonIgnore instead? Is this something that will be support in future?

In addition I've found that JSON.NET is serializing properties that are get only - is this intended behaviour? Is it something we can switch off at serializer level?


Answering my own question, but thought it may be helpful to others...

We ended up implementing this using a custom IContractResolver. We want the functionality of the DefaultContractResolver so we derive from that then tweak CreateProperty to ignore things we don't really care to serialise. E.g.

    internal class IgnoreDataMemberContractResolver : DefaultContractResolver
        protected override JsonProperty CreateProperty(MemberInfo member, MemberSerialization memberSerialization)
            JsonProperty property =  base.CreateProperty(member, memberSerialization);
            property.Ignored |= member.GetCustomAttributes(typeof(IgnoreDataMemberAttribute), true).Length > 0;
            return property;

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