I have a little side project in which I built a remote controller (ESP 32 based) that is connected to a Progressive Web Application via bluetooth. It is basicly kind of a crude instrument, it only triggers sound events, and no graphic display is needed.

Up to now I did everything on my notebook, but to get everything a little smaller I wanted to build kind of a bluetooth speaker, based on a Raspberry PI 3. I got a PI hooked up with some batteries, a little Hifiberry and a speaker - on the hardware side everything is fine.

For the software I tried to switch from my Progressive Web App to a NodeJS Server, that worked... for the most part. I couldnt find any good server side JS librarys for sound control, especially triggering sounds with low latency, and playing multiple sounds in close sync seems pretty difficult.

So now I am trying to reuse my old Front End approach by using a browser on the Raspberry Pi. On my notebook I had the GUI, where I had to confirm the bluetooth connection to be established by the browser, but I would really like this to be done automaticly. (I dont want a display on my bluetooth speaker ;) ) As far as I understand, Chromium together with ChromeDriver should be able to do this, but I couldnt find a way to use chromium without any kind of GUI.

Even though I am really hoping for a solution for this problem, I am also open for different solutions that might be better suited to do what I want. After all I am absolutely no expert, and currently just trying whatever comes to mind...

Greetings Lasse

  • By definition, a website contains HTML, so no you cannot create a CLI-only website. That would be an API. Your project sounds interesting, but you will receive more help with a more concise and focused question. – Ryan LaB Apr 9 at 21:34

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