I tried to remove a class from one of my packages and got a "Refactoring" window which is impossible to close (no "red-yellow-green" buttons on top-left, i'm on Mac), or move. The "Cancel" button below has no effect, nor the "Apply" one. How do i get rid of this window? I can only resize it.

Screen shot

Thanks a lot for your help, Richard


Windows are objects (as everything else). So you can send messages to them. In this case you could get all of them by inspecting

SystemWindow allSubInstances

Once you locate the window you want to close, you can send it the message #close.

You could also go further and see how other windows add the close button and add that code to the one that lacks it.

You can also try

namesakes := World windowsSatisfying: [:w | w labelString = aString].
namesakes size = 1 ifTrue: [namesakes anyOne close]

where aString is the name of the window you want to close.

  • Thanks Leandro. As I did not find how to select a particular window, i closed all of them – Richard Apr 10 at 16:00
  • I closed all of them at the collection level. I tried to close one by its title but that didn't work. – Richard Apr 10 at 16:11
  • Please, be more specific. What do you mean "didn't work"? – Leandro Caniglia Apr 10 at 17:02
  • Well i couldn't find out how close a particular window object from the "SystemWindow allSubInstances" list, i tried to close one item by using its name first ("Mini IMDB" found in "a SpWindow(253324032) named: Mini IMDB") then by the full description "a SpWindow(253324032) named: Mini IMDB" etc. but obviously that couldn't work because that weren't objects so i used allSubInstancesDo: #close but I should have used some code like: SystemWindow allSubInstancesDo: [:sw | (sw labelString = 'Mini IMDB') ifTrue: [ sw close. ] ] – Richard Apr 12 at 9:33
  • See the addition to my answer. – Leandro Caniglia Apr 12 at 12:13

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