Find the value of the function y= 4(x−3)^6 − 7(x−3)^3 + 2 for a given value of x.All values are real values.

with Ada.Text_IO; --Подключаем пакет Text_IO. Он нужен для работы с текстом
use Ada.Text_IO;  --говорим компилятору, что если он встретит команду Put_Line()), то её реализацию нужно посмотреть в пакете --Ada.Text_IO
with Ada.Integer_Text_IO; ----Подключаем пакет для ввода/вывода целых чисел
with Ada.Float_Text_IO; use Ada.Float_Text_IO; --Сообщаем компилятору, что для работы с вещественными числами реализацию нужно смотреть в этом пакете
with Ada.Numerics.Elementary_Functions; use Ada.Numerics.Elementary_Functions;
procedure main-adb.adb is --начало программы
    type <Float> is digits 1 range -100.54..100.54; --Объявление плавающих типов 
    x, y : Float;
    Put ("enter x");
    Get(x); --ввод x
    y := (4.0 * (x - 3.0) ** 6.0) - (7.0 * (x - 3.0) ** 3.0) + 2.0;   
end main;
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    "не работает" не является описанием проблемы. А для вопросов на русском языке есть ru.stackoverflow.com – user7860670 Apr 10 at 9:51
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    Did you have a question? – user_1818839 Apr 10 at 11:42
  • @Angelina, you should edit your “question” so that it has an overt question ending in a question mark. What are we supposed to do with your source code? How do you know that it doesn't work? How does it not satisfy your intended goal? Are you having trouble getting it to compile with compiler X? Does it crash? Those are food for thought regarding how you should devise your own question; topics/prompts like that. We shouldn't need ESP to guess what you seek. – Andreas ZUERCHER May 6 at 15:17

main-adb.adb is not a legal identifier. This has completely confused the compiler!


procedure main is

Why have you declared your own type Float? In Ada, this is legal but very confusing (for humans). For instance, Ada.Float_Text_IO is for the standard Float, not the one you’ve declared.

  • @Angelina: Moreover, exponentiation requires that the "exponent must be of type Natural". – trashgod Apr 12 at 16:32
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    @trashgod - there’s a suitable exponentiation in Elementary_Functions. If Angelina were to remove the type Float is ... the program would compile and runs. – Simon Wright Apr 12 at 20:05
  • Good point, but the Elementary Functions implementation of exponentiation raises ARGUMENT_ERROR "when the value of the left operand is negative." Of course, that may be part of the exercise; more here. – trashgod Apr 15 at 16:27

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