I've followed different tutorials using the cli-plugin-pwa and it seems service worker should be enabled even in localhost. However, when I run build my app I keep getting an error ('Service worker installation failed. It will be retried automatically during the next navigation') resulting to the service worker not being installed. I looked at the file from which the error is coming from and it's in the workbox precache.mjs precacheController:

import {logger} from 'workbox-core/_private/logger.mjs';
import {getOrCreatePrecacheController} from './utils/getOrCreatePrecacheController.mjs';
import {precachePlugins} from './utils/precachePlugins.mjs';
import './_version.mjs';

const installListener = (event) => {
  const precacheController = getOrCreatePrecacheController();
  const plugins = precachePlugins.get();

      precacheController.install({event, plugins})
          .catch((error) => {
            if (process.env.NODE_ENV !== 'production') {
              logger.error(`Service worker installation failed. It will ` +
              `be retried automatically during the next navigation.`);
            // Re-throw the error to ensure installation fails.
            throw error;

So firstly, I am wondering what generates this error, and also I am surprised the if condition is met as I am in prod env (I verified it console logging the process.env.NODE_ENV)

Any suggestions of what I am missing here?

My sw setup:


import { register } from 'register-service-worker'

if (process.env.NODE_ENV === 'production') {
  register(`${process.env.BASE_URL}service-worker.js`, {
    ready () {
        'App is being served from cache by a service worker.\n'
    registered () {
      console.log('Service worker has been registered.')
    cached () {
      console.log('Content has been cached for offline use.')
    updatefound () {
      console.log('New content is downloading.')
    updated () {
      console.log('New content is available; please refresh.')
    offline () {
      console.log('No internet connection found. App is running in offline mode.')
    error (error) {
      console.error('Error during service worker registration:', error)


workbox.core.setCacheNameDetails({ prefix: 'xxx' })
self.__precacheManifest = [].concat(self.__precacheManifest || [])
workbox.precaching.precacheAndRoute(self.__precacheManifest, {})


module.exports = {
  pwa: {
    workboxPluginMode: "InjectManifest",
    workboxOptions: {
      swSrc: "src/service-worker.js",
  • You'd normally see that error if you had a URL in your precache manifest that doesn't exist on your webserver. Do you see any logged messages about failures to fetch a given URL? If you look at the generated manifest, do any of the URLs look odd? – Jeff Posnick Apr 13 at 19:13

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